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As an artist, attention is of great importance to me. In January 2024, a portrait of my personality was featured in the newspaper "Schaffhauser Bock."


In addition to getting to know individuals working for the newspaper, I had the opportunity to share a lot about my artworks and my life story. The newspaper covered my history, showcased my current artworks, and delved into my future plans and goals. The published portrait was beautifully and authentically written by the "Schaffhauser Bock" newspaper.


Feel free to read the entire article here:


I conducted an interview with Sarah and Nina from the podcast "Rising Ventures," which is available for listening on Spotify.

Podcast Part 2

At the start of 2024, I had the great chance to do an interview for the 'Rising Ventures' podcast, and it's now available on Spotify.

Interview on Spotify

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